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HL Guard Tutorial reall install and configure server 2.6 Counter Strike 1.6

2.6 reall HL Guard is one of the most complex anticheaturi for dedicated servers Counter Strike 1.6.


  • OGC type detection codes

  • bunny hop detection

  • Detection aliases (cfg with aim, no recoil cfg, cfg silent defuse run and silent - however they detect and banning player)

  • locks the keys that are specified in a specific configuration file (useful function keys are used to lock the OGC codes: End, Uncertain, Delete and others)

Installation reall HL Guard 2.6

January. To install this plugin you need to install Amxmodx 1.8.1.Amxmodx See installation tutorial.
February. Download HL Guard reall 2.6 installer automatically .
Three. Double click on the executable and choose the installation folder folder HLDS \ cstrike (HLDS is the main directory of the server). Installer will automatically copy all the necessary files.

April. You go in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ metamodand open plugins.ini with Wordpad or Notepad. Augment existing lines following line:

win32 addons\hlguard\dlls\hlguard_mm_nightly.dll

May. You go in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs and open plugins.ini file. Under all there add the following two lines:


At this time reall HL Guard 2.6 is installed. If the server was started, make a change to the map. To see if the plugin works correctly can give the command console meta list and will be appearing in the list of loaded plugins following lines:

[1] AMX [REALL] RUN - amxmodx_mm.dll v1.8.0.3 ini Start ANY
[2] HLGuard RUN - hlguard_mm_night v1.9.n10 initial Chlvl Chlvl

Then give the command console amx_plugins and find the line:

[37] Reall HLGuard 2.6 DJ_WEST reallite_hlg.am running
[38] Reall HLGuard DJ_WEST reallite_hlg_de running 2.6 Detection
[39] CSNadeDrops 0.14 csnadedrops.amx running Avalanche

If these lines appear exactly as in the example plugin is functional and ready for banned encoded.

The plugin has a menu that will appear on screen in the game after you order rhlg_menu pins. To access this command you must have admin with immunity (level of access "a" in the line of users.ini).

Configuration and cvars reall HL Guard 2.6

In order not to have too much work, your installer will install the plugin already configured ... with few exceptions. CVARs OGC type detection codes are activated to detect the aliases of cfg's are activated and them keylock is active (you can add more keys).

However, we present some important cvars in case you want to change the config.

The plug has a locking functionality incorrect CVARs, I chose to leave it disabled.
If you want to activate (though not recommended) Enter amxmodx \ configs \ reallite_hlg.cfgand reallite_main.cfgopen with Wordpad or Notepad.
On line 28 of CVaR rhlg_blockcvars "0" that you can activate by changing the value in 1.

To enter the keylock and open reallite_block_keys.cfg reallite_hlg. You have there a list of all the keys, but they are disabled (have / / in front). What you need to do is just delete the / / in front of the button you want to block.
The player presses the button to activate an OGC or cfg will automatically disconnect from the server.

Functions plugin is activated or deactivated in the configuration filereallite_main.cfg where you will find a list of cvars.
The most important functions are enabled default so you will not have to walk to them.

Shift Pattern cvars values ​​unless you know what you're doing!

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