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Rules And Regulation

  1. Respect fellow players (e.g. no mic spamming, racism, sexism, internet tough-guying, etc.)
  2. Do not cheat, use exploits or use Vent to give away positions (you will receive an instant ban.)
  3. Complete the map objective.

Hackers Be Careful On My Server

If you see someone you suspect is hacking 
please let an admin know via Steam messenger, 
forum PM, anything but in game chat.  If they 
are blatantly hacking with a speed hack then you 
can announce it in the server.  

By announcing it when you "think" someone is hacking a few things can happen:
The person quits hacking because he knows people are watching and the admin never see's it.
Everyone else automatically jumps on the bandwagon that the person is hacking even if they really are not.
Do not be annoying and mic spam or intentionally start drama other players.
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