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HL Booster Tutorial on CS 1.6 server

Download from here hl booster.rar, unzip it (directly in addons or copy the folder booster in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons, HLDS is the directory where you installed the server), then edit in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ metamod \ plugins. ini line:
win32 addons \ hlbooster \ dlls \ booster_mm.dll. Very important! to work, you must go in HLDS \ cstrike \ server.cfg the following line:
exec addons / hlbooster / hlbooster.cfg

Installation Tutorial Booster Lite MM! It is a very effective booster!

Info! Booster Lite replaces the function of sleep to function NetSleep HLDS's `function that when the server receives data packets from the client it is no longer" sleeping "and through this function decreases ping 15-20 ms or more .

- With booster_lite_mode can choose three ways to "sleep".
-Mode 0: conservation sleeps 10MS in case they are not
transmitted packets.
-Mode 1: First time trying to sleep 10MS.Daca server packets are received the server does not sleep anymore. This mode consumes less CPU than the first mode
-Mode 2: conservation of trying to sleep 50MS.Daca packets are received not doarmne server. This mode consumes less CPU than the first mode.
-Mode 3: Disable Booster Lite.Servarul 10MS sleep through every frame even if it receives packets.
- With booster_lite_extra_sleep_frequency can force the server to sleep even if packets were received. This function is generally used to lower CPU `Ulu used.


1: Download booster_lite_mm.rar here
2: You need metamod
3: Extract all the archive directory created by you in meeting
C :/ HLDS / cstrike / addons / boosterlite
You must create the folder boosterlite

3: In metamod.ini write the following line: win32 addons / boosterlite / booster_lite_mm.dll

4: Then you go and add cvar in server.cfg and this:
sys_tickrate 1000
fps_max "999"
booster_lite_mode 0

NOTE: If sys_ticrate server.cfg has a value less than 1000 booster lite will not work correctly
They all do the job well ... are super happy with it!

Tutorial made by BarosanuXXL

Web Mod Tutorial on CS 1.6 server

This plugin allows you to see and even to manage, within certain limits, your counter strike 1.6 server via a web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Download it from here and copy the folder "w" in HLDS \ cstrike \ addons and edited in metamod \ plugins.ini:
win32 addons \ w \ dlls \ w_mm.dll.
Save and close, if the server was started, restart.
To view your server the browser access http://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:port address where xx ... is the server ip and port is its port, which is usually 27015 (if not you changed). There you will be asked to log in and do your RCON password (the one on the console when you start the server). Anyone can access this address but who knows only RCON password can manage.
Valid for all plug-ins here:
To see that it works, whether they installed fine, give the console "meta list"! The RUN occurring there are okay.

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