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Ali Counter-strike Addons
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Kill Money   
JailBreak Extreme v1.9 - UPDATED...   
HideNSeek XP Mod v0.0.1 (v0.0.3 ...   
JumpStats v1.7.3 (unfinished!)   
Team Limiter v0.0.2   
Anti No-Flash   
Show teammate's money   
[CS1.6|CZ] Bullet Damage with Ra...   
Infinite Round   
Spam Kick v1.4   
Zoomed Models Fix v0.1.1   
Server Cvars Unlocker   
Round Terminator   
Bullet Pogo   
Grenade Drugs 1.1   
Realistic FlashBang   
And the winner with most headsho...   
Russian Roulette   
Weapons Drop Ability   
Light Maker v1.7   
No Reset Score   
HEV Suit [Mark V]   
Drop weapons by choice   
BOMB Ghosting Fix   
Trade Money   
Bindmenu (v1.10)   
Admin Explode   
Spawn Origins Collector v0.1.0   
Fire Mode Information   
Bomb Defuse Predictions v1.2   
Custom Maps v0.1.1   
[CSDM] Team Spawning 1.1 [06-21-10]   
LongJump Enabler   
GeoCaching Mod   
Capsule 2.9 - 09/01/10   
surf_icebob2 plugin   
Spawn Damage Preventer v0.1.1   
Crossbow v2.1   
Round End Blast !!! Updated to 2.0   
Teamplay Helper v1.2   
JailBreak Glow Menu   
Smoke Grenade Features (anti 16bit)   
TeamAttack Notifier   
Simple Knife Warmup   
[ZP] Extra Item : Immunity   
SuperScouts 4.0 - 24/10/09   
Matrix jump v1.5   
Eye of the storm   
Anti Silent-Run   
Grenade Realism v2.0 [HL alike a...   
Players Models 1.3.0 ( 3 nov 2009 )   
[ZP] Extra Item: Chainsaw v0.9   
Death And Damage 1.1 - 13/03/10   
Heart Shot v1.0   
HitGroup Damage Manipulator v1.1   
Surf_AG-Final Manager   
Knife Drop   
Colour Chat Menu (v1.50)   
Aura Damage 1.1 - 13/03/10   
Survival Frags   
Crysis Nanosuit Advanced v12.3   
Recoil Control v1.5   
FRC v12.0 [Team Flash, Detector,...   
Domination v1.0   
Realistic Landing v1.3   
Nade Modes (Nomexous) v9.61   
Nade Giver v4.8   
Penetrable Shield v1.5   
Head Hunter SmokeGrenade v1.5   
CS/CZ Ricochet v2.01   
Pistol And Ammo (Verison 1.1)   
Advanced ResetScore 0.2.0   
Guardian (Gears of War 2) 1.42 -...   
Surf Simpsons Pro   
[ZP] Addon: Lottery v2.3   
Knife Management v3.3 by Jon   
Counter-Strike Tactics v1.1   
surf_ski_2: Rules Watcher by xPaw   
Vehicle Real Killer   
Counter-Strike Impulse 101 [Vers...   
Jailbreak Hats   
Zombie Antidote v1.5 [+Antidote ...   
Realistic Defuse v1.4   
Kevlar Pickup Fix   
Free Equips (Version 1.1)   
[Native] ColorChat v0.1.0   
'The bomb has been defused' sound   
RPGx - RPG Mod for Counter-Strike   
Swap team spawns   
Glow And Colors (Remake) v1.2   
Silent Hill Mod v1.1   
[ZP] Extra item: Movement detector   
Shoot Grenades   
[ZP] Addon: Display the Current ...   
Real Weapon Speed   
Gun Xp Mod (Last Updated : 10-28...   
[ZP] Extra Item: Soldier UqZ v1.7   
[ZP] Extra Item: Antidote Laser ...   
Weapon Throwing   
Burst/Silencer Blocker   
Vote Ban   
Ultimate Deathrun Maps Fixer v1.7   
Individual Weapon Models   
Funny HL Sounds   
Multimod Plugin   
Use Button Once   
[KreedZ] MultiPlayer Bhop 1.0.2 ...   
Buttons Delay Editor [28/08/2009]   
DBMotd (Date Based Motd)   
Vehicle Object Respawn Fix   
RPG mod by Sylwester   
Colored Smokenades   
Silent Bomb v1.0   
RadioRush :D   
even the odds addon   
Super Shield   
ScoutzKniveZ Manager v0.4   
Drop Or Hide The Bomb   
Knife Fight 1.5 (09/10/09 Last U...   
Lucia Hallucination (Anti-Wallha...   
Half Life Media Player III (3.1....   
Timeleft as Roundtime (AcidoX)   
Anti Camper's Radar   
[Soccerjam] Ball Jump Stats [1.0...   
C4man with fun v1.2   
CS Vehicle License Management   
CSDM Random Spawn Creator   
Start Money Fix 1.4   
Kill Message w/ VOX v2.7   
Round Restart v2.1   
Grenade Touch Damage v1.3   
BombSite Creator   
Increase VIP Bullets   
No Radio Flood v1.1   
de_survivor map fix   
AMXX Punisher   
Real Snipers Crosshairs   
Unlimited Clip Ammo   
HudTextArgs Blocker   
Fake VIP v2.0.1c   
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